Death Doula

I first became intrigued with death and dying about the same time I decided I wanted to write eulogies for a living. From there, and a failed business later, I trusted that I’d find my calling to the vocation where I feel the most at ease. I became a professional PCA (Personal Care Assistant). I’d found a way to serve that also paid me money. I thought I was home.

I discovered Going With Grace through a free webinar that talked about what a death doula is and what the relationship is with death and dying. I’d been through several rather rough deaths; My attention was caught.

I began reading about NEDA (National End-of-life Doula Alliance), Going With Grace, even the University of Vermont which has a certificate program. I took another webinar with a friend of mine in tow to share my discovery of my spirit. I think I’ve found my way home. But, who knows what wilderness may arrive on my doorstep? Was that the Universe I just heard laughing?

Published by The Human Mare

I believe in humanity. I am an Egalitarian. I believe that we should help and take care of one another as a family, as a community, and as a country. A woman's body is hers just like a man's body is his. A child should never know hunger, neglect, abuse, or be denied education. Likewise, our elders should be given the respect they've earned while the generations below should be actively looking towards the future. I am liberal in political views. I am a feminist. I am extremely vocal against sexual assault and domestic violence. I am not classified as a Christian although I believe in the teachings. I will probably piss you off at some point and that's okay because you'll probably do the same to me. As long as you are respectful I will be as well.

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